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When Pursuing Legal Action For Workplace Injuries Is Necessary

When Pursuing Legal Action For Workplace Injuries Is Necessary 

Over 3.2 million non-fatal and 3,876 fatal accidents were reported in Europe in past years. Whether it’s a small business or large corporation, contractual terms and conditions between employers and employees ensure safe workspaces. The Department of Labour Inspection monitors the safety of employees throughout the EU, including Cyprus. As one of the third largest Republics in Europe, Cyprus’ legal system specializes in protecting the well-being of its citizens. In fact, lawyers in Cyprus monitor the legal framework of the economy to prevent corruption, hazards or violations. 

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The Legal Rights Of Employees

With a labor force of over 426,600 citizens, the new reform issued by the government could mean bigger changes for organizations. As new jobs are created in Cyprus, employers are responsible for providing medical compensation in case of a life-threatening situation. Wounds, dislocations, concussions and bone fractures are the most common workplace injuries in the EU, according to data sources. Certain injuries require long-term medical care, disability and medical care coverage. Employees can pursue legal action and sue if they are unable to access these resources or have inadequate healthcare.

Workplace Expectations And New Regulations

The Safety and Health At Work Regulation, which was implemented in 2007, replaced the previous Accidents and Occupational Diseases Law to increase the amount of notifiable accidents that can be reported. According to the new regulations, “an accident is notifiable (a) when it concerns an employee or a self-employed person unable to perform work and (b) when it concerns a person who is not at work, causing him/her loss of life or injury, which results in treatment.” If an injury has taken place, an accident report form should be filled out and sent to the District Labour Inspection Office at the site where it took place. Proper safety measures include sending in the incident report within a 15 day time frame to do proper investigation. 

Employees In The US Vs. The EU

The labor rights and legal rights of employees are universally significant. The most common issue in the workplace are on-site injuries. In the US in 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses. Although the rate of injuries has gone down in recent months, it was still alarmingly high. Whether it be in the US or EU, there are precautions employees can take to stay safe, like wearing protective equipment, getting enough sleep and asking about health and safety resources on site. Businesses in the US are required by Congress to follow the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970. The OSHA Act, a labor law, requires employers to maintain safe working conditions, resources and training. Similar to the Accidents and Occupational Diseases Law, if a severe injury happens on site, employers are required to report and display a record to OSH. Mostly, all US employees are covered under this law and regulations. The US is not too different from the EU in terms of worker’s compensation and insurance. Employers that do not have coverage not only risk their business, but also the safety of employees each day. 

The economy in Cyprus is growing and transforming at a fast rate. As more companies and organizations come to the Eastern Mediterranean, employee representation matters whether it regards injuries, sexual harassment claims, discrimination or taking leave. As an employee, make sure your employer is providing proper working conditions that meet employment requirements.

Author: Jennifer Dawson

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