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Cyprus Has the Right Set of Ingredients to Unlock its Full Business and Investment Potential

Chairman of Invest Cyprus Michalis P. Michael, welcomed on behalf of Invest Cyprus, investors and guests attending the Cyprus Headquartering and Funds Summit in Tel Aviv today, 6th of May.

Michael: Cyprus Has the Right Set of Ingredients to Unlock its Full Business and Investment Potential

“Today’s event, is aiming to serve as an opportunity for you to discover all Cyprus has to offer as an ideal destination for headquartering and as an attractive investment funds jurisdiction” Michael said, adding that “successful investments that can lead to job creation, boost business and investment activity and further strengthen the country’s growth potential”.

Through a series of interactive panels and insightful discussions focusing on economic prospects, current developments as well as the main aspects of doing business and of course living in Cyprus, Michael expressed his hope to provide investors and entrepreneurs with a comprehensive overview of the main elements which form the country’s unique value proposition.

“The geographical location of Cyprus, in close proximity from and offering easy access to major markets, in combination with the country’s EU membership, enables companies who choose to set up a base in Cyprus to use the island as a hub servicing the region or as portal for investment into other high growth markets” Michael said.

The Chairman of Invest Cyprus then also mentioned that Cyprus has a simple and effective regulatory structure in place, as well as an attractive tax system, with a wide range of benefits to both individuals and corporations of all sizes, as well as one of the lowest corporate tax rates in the European Union at 12.5%.

Additionally, English is widely spoken by a highly skilled workforce, and even the wider population in general, cost-effective yet quality business support services, and low operating and living costs, Cyprus provides companies with an ideal framework within to develop and excel.

Last but not least, Michael said to attendees of the summit “We truly believe that Cyprus has the right set of ingredients in place to unlock its full business and investment potential offered not only in its national context, but also within the context of the increasingly interconnected broader Mediterranean region” adding, that “the island is an ideal place not only to do business but also to live. It ensures a safe family life, in a multicultural, cosmopolitan environment, with first class healthcare, quality education facilities, and of course, unique natural beauty”.


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