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Company Name: Democritos Aristidou LLC

Contact Name: Irene Aristidou

Incorporation Date: 1971

Address: 80 Griva Digeni Ave, Swepco Court 6, 3101 Limassol, CYPRUS

Location: Limassol

Tel. Number: +357 25585811

Fax: +357 25585866

Email: info@aristidou.com

Website: www.aristidou.com


Democritos Aristidou LLC is rich with history, ethos and character. The firm was organized as a partnership and operated as such since 1971. Although the firm has matured from its beginnings, its character is still true to the dreams and visions of its founder Democritos Aristidou.

Democritos Aristidou is one of the most experienced, talented and respectful litigators in Cyprus. In his 35 years of career he has conducted more than 1500 hearings before all Courts of Cyprus and successfully tried a considerable amount of appeals before the High Court of Cyprus, the supreme court of the country. He has extensively been involved in cases involving complex and complicated issues of corporate law, corporate governance, shareholders agreements, international corporate tax law, cross border commercial and banking, employment contracts, commercial contracts, company liquidations and dissolutions, land and construction disputes and arbitrations. He has also been involved in a considerable number of cases involving issues of land and other immovable property ownership and participated in proceedings before the Land Registry Office representing either the interests of seller/s or buyer/s. That is why he is fairly considered to be on the top of the list of corporate and land law lawyers-litigators. His combined education, common law and civil law (continental law), together with his organizing skills, his clear-sighted way of viewing things, his negotiating talent, his high ethical standards, and his strong belief in “reputation before revenue”, proved to be the ticket to his recognition as a leader litigator in Cyprus.

Democritos Aristidou  LLC is based in Limassol, the commercial centre of Cyprus. Since 1971, individuals, businesses and local authorities throughout Cyprus have put their trust in us, to provide legal services on a wide range of legal issues. The Firm has through the years achieved extensive growth and success by anticipating changes in the legal industry, adapting to new demands and business pressures and responding to our clients’ ever-evolving needs. Today, we are proud to be one of the most reputable law firms in Cyprus with the ability to serve our clients throughout Cyprus, Europe and every other continent across the globe. By focusing on creative and cost effective solutions, rather than just technical legal advice, we seek to ensure that our clients receive first class results, achieve their goals to the maximum and that they always get more than anyone else would provide them under the same circumstances.

Our lawyers are strictly selected to fulfill certain criteria that we consider make us who we are: they must be highly educated preferably, combining studies in both civil law and common law system countries, be proactive and dynamic, friendly and approachable, speedy and reliable, with communication talent, technically, and most importantly emotionally skilled and possessing the highest ethical standards.

Our founder’s vision was to make us a different type of Law Firm. So, he invested in the development of knowledge and information as well as in the development of technical and emotional skills. Today, we claim with confidence that, our lawyers have the experience, maturity and legal skills to handle a wide range of legal problems and to bring about the most satisfactory solutions, the solutions that almost perfectly fit our client’s needs, wishes and interests. This is exactly what makes us apart. We are a different type of Law Firm and this has its roots in our early training as well as in our continuing training and development. What is the difference? The difference is that we are trained to bring about solutions. To bring about practical solutions to our client’s most complicated problems. So, we are different because we are not just lawyers but problem solvers. For us, success is achieved only when our client’s problem is solved in his best interest and the solution to the problem is right in his hands. That is what we call total satisfaction. That is what we target!

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