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Contact Information

Company Name: R.F. Privacy Minders Ltd

Company Reg. Number: 56328df785

Incorporation Date: 2005

Address: 57 Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue, Bybloserve Business Center, Larnaca 6051, Cyprus

Location: Larnaca

Tel. Number: 24812581/82

Fax: +357 24812583

Email: info@privacyminders.com

Website: www.privacyminders.com

Areas of Practice


What we do

PRIVACY MINDERS provides customised data protection and security  services enabling organisations to comply with the General Data  Protection Regulation (GDPR) and to create a secure environment for  personal data within the organisations.


Our Approach

We follow a holistic approach which combines legal knowledge, IT security expertise and business understanding.

Our approach unifies the data security principle with the other data  protection principles and integrates them into the organisations’  practices and activities.

Having divided the GDPR project into stages, we support organisations to smoothly, methodologically and effectively make the necessary adjustments towards compliance based on their business needs and unique characteristics.

Enabling GDPR compliance is effected by implementing the appropriate  technical and organisational measures, but also, by supporting and  inspiring organisations to be dedicated and committed in creating and  sustaining compliance and culture of risk awareness and respect of  personal data.

Our Mission

Our mission is to play an active role in embedding the data protection  and security principles in organisations’ cultures and environments so  that:


  1. The organisations ensure and are able to demonstrate  that they have taken the appropriate technical and organisation measures  to comply with the EU regulatory regime and local data protection laws.
  2. The organisations are protected from IT security  attacks and data breaches and their financial, operational, reputational  and legal interests are safeguarded.
  3. The right of natural persons to data protection and privacy is fully understood, embraced and honored within the organisations.

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