CySEC launches its regulatory sandbox

CySEC launches its regulatory sandbox

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has successfully launched its Regulatory Sandbox during an online event held on the 11th of June 2024.

This initiative marks a significant milestone in the advancement of financial, regulatory, and supervisory technologies (FinTech, RegTech, and SupTech) in Cyprus.

The Regulatory Sandbox is a crucial step in promoting responsible innovation in the financial services sector. Dr. George Theocharides, Chairman of CySEC, highlighted the importance of this initiative: “With the introduction of the Regulatory Sandbox, we are taking another major step in fostering responsible innovation in the financial services sector. Our goal is to support the development of cutting-edge solutions that meet technological advancements, without compromising market integrity and investor protection.”

Event Highlights

The virtual launch event attracted over 500 stakeholders from the financial sector, including representatives from regulatory bodies, financial institutions, and technologically innovative firms. Attendees were briefed on the Sandbox’s operational framework and the potential benefits for market participants.

The event underscored CySEC’s commitment to striking a balance between technological innovation, investor protection, and market integrity. Building upon CySEC’s ongoing dialogue with market participants and experts since the launch of the Innovation Hub, CySEC has established the Regulatory Sandbox to support this balanced approach.

Objectives of the Regulatory Sandbox

The Regulatory Sandbox aims to:

  • Build a transparent channel of cooperation between entities developing technology-based solutions in the financial services falling within CySEC’s supervisory mandate and CySEC.
  • Ensure that the regulatory landscape evolves in line with technological developments in the financial services sector.

Designed for both regulated and unregulated firms, the CySEC Regulatory Sandbox allows companies to test their technologically innovative solutions and/or products related to financial activities subject to CySEC’s supervision. This controlled, time-bound testing environment will enhance CySEC’s understanding of innovative technologies and facilitate continuous regulatory adaptation to new market developments.

Participation and Benefits

For firms interested in participating, the Regulatory Sandbox offers a unique opportunity to develop and refine their products while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. This initiative not only supports innovation but also helps maintain the integrity and safety of the financial market.

Participants in the Sandbox will benefit from:

  • Direct engagement with CySEC to ensure their solutions meet regulatory requirements.
  • A structured environment to test and validate new technologies and business models.
  • Insights and feedback from CySEC to improve their products and services.

For more information on the Regulatory Sandbox and how to participate, please visit the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.


The launch of CySEC’s Regulatory Sandbox is a pivotal development for the financial services sector in Cyprus. By providing a supportive environment for innovation, CySEC is helping to drive technological advancement while safeguarding market integrity and investor protection. This initiative is set to position Cyprus as a leader in financial innovation and regulatory excellence.

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