Immigration Services

Immigration Services

By Chambersfield Economides Kranos

There is a well-known saying that “Home is where the heart is!”

Chambersfield Economides Kranos immigration experts can assist in all your immigration matters by providing the right consultation and handling all the processes of your application, in order for you and your family to find the home of your heart. 

Our team of lawyers can lead the way in making your dreams come true and open the door to the world for you. The right way to do that is through Government Approved Immigration Schemes and your trusted Legal Firm’s guidance.

There are plenty of ways for someone to obtain the “ticket” for a new life in a different destination but complicated as it is, they will need the professional assistance of an experienced law firm.

The journey to a whole new life starts with answering the questions: Where, Which, How?

Where Imagine…deep blue sea, multi-awarded beaches, amazing cuisine, countless business opportunities, safety, high quality of life. Cyprus is the place to live, do business, grow old and the island’s Investment Program is one of the most powerful, as it ranks 7th in the world.

Being the crossroad for three (3) continents, it is only natural for Cyprus to turn into a business power among strong players in the surrounding area, especially during the last decade.

WhichChambersfield Economides Kranos can assist you explore all the available options when seeking Relocation in a foreign country as well as the type of migration suitable for your case.

Depending on the migration option, the criteria and processing time vary from case to case.

Firstly, Cyprus Investment Program (*special conditions apply) is one of the most important schemes as it is a real, intangible asset, transferable to the next generation.

An additional nationality allows owners to benefit from its great advantages as

•    acquisition of a visa free regime in more than 170+ countries

•    safety

•    open market driven economy

•    the right to live, work and conduct business in a favorable corporate jurisdiction

•    flexibility in tax restructuring

•    reliable legislative and regulatory framework

•    access to its own educational and medical system

•    highly specialize human capita

•    right to open bank accounts, etc.

Another option is the Permanent Residence Scheme (*special conditions apply), through which individuals can apply for a nationality after a certain period of time residing in Cyprus, so as to enhance the overall quality of their family’s life, lift possible traveling restrictions and visa requirements.

Additionally, with Cyprus Permanent Residence scheme, non – Cypriot citizens safeguard their family by migrating in a country with political stability, low criminality levels, modern infrastructure etc. while simultaneously continue to be citizen of their country of origin.

Naturalization based on years of residence is the third option. Applicants can be foreign nationals who have completed seven (7) years of legal residence in Cyprus prior to their application.   When applicants are either children or parents of Cypriot citizens, legal residence time required is five (5) years. In both cases, applicants must have lived legally and continuously in the island for the twelve months preceding the application (*special conditions apply).

Additionally, non-EU workforce is entitled to receive Cyprus residence and work permits under special provisions for Cyprus companies with foreign interest.  There are three (3) categories of staff which are entitled to receive Immigration Work Permits, upper management staff, middle management staff and supporting staff. For each category, criteria for applying vary and prior to approval, the Cyprus company of foreign interest must be approved by the Migration Department as a company of foreign interest.

Also, nationals from third countries wishing to stay in Cyprus more than three (3) months, can apply for the Temporary Residence Permit as a Visitor, with no employment rights (*special conditions apply).

Under this category, applicants can either be third country nationals who married Cypriot citizens as well as their minor children, third country nationals who wish to extent their temporary residence permit and have adequate financial resources from abroad and third country nationals who wish to obtain their temporary residence permit because they will marry a Cypriot or an EU citizen.

Additionally, anyone who wishes to enter the Republic of Cyprus for ninety (90) days or less and originates from third countries that not special treaties are being signed, must apply and obtain a Visa as visitors for either business or pleasure (*special conditions apply).

There are various categories for Visa applications, such as Airport Transit Visa (category A), Short-stay Visa for 1 to 90 days (Category C), Multiple entry Visa for up to 5 years (Category C), Visa issued at the border (Category C), Visa Extension (Category C) and Long-Stay Visa (Category D). Keep in mind that having a valid visa does not grant its owner the absolute right of entry to the Republic of Cyprus and applicants will be required to provide specific evidence upon arrival.

Nationality as a spouse of a Cypriot citizen enables third country nationals for Nationality acquisition (*special conditions apply), provided that they have completed three (3) years married and two (2) years as residents in Cyprus (prior to the application).

Last but not least, Family members of Cypriot citizen who are not citizens of a Member-State, can be eligible for Residence Card which must be submitted by their family members within four months from the entry date into Cyprus (*special conditions apply).


Whichever the situation, applying for naturalization can be time-consuming and quite complicating procedure which requires expert and thorough approach. To avoid mistakes which may lead to major problems with your application or even possible rejection, refer to an experienced and trusted Legal Firm in order to get the professional guidance you require and handle your case.

Chambersfield Economides Kranos, International Law Firm, can offer its professional services on all aspects of Immigration Law for EU and Non-EU nationals in order to unburden you from all the stressful immigration matters and long processes. Whether you are an individual or a family or an entrepreneur or a business entity, immigration still remains a personal issue and should be addressed in the most professional way.

Spend your valuable time with your loved ones as we built a better future for you in the beautiful island of Cyprus.


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