Social distancing measures forms a new digital world!

Social distancing measures forms a new digital world!

Indisputably the pandemic has raced up consumers’ digital adoption and has introduced new trends at a level few could have predicted.

Only in the UK more than 85 000 online businesses was launched.

Virtual consultations conducted during lock-down increased according to a research presented by Deloitte last year. The movement restrictions also boosted online platforms.

E-learning has become the only method of learning in countries with strict social distancing measures starting from primarily schools to universities.

The only way to do marketing today is online, being visible in online platforms and portals, remaining active in social media accounts, optimize our website remains today the only tools we have to bring higher revenue to our business.

It is most certainly that the pandemic has brought insecurity which has led some businesses to minimize scheduled marketing campaigns in the fear of the outcome of the corona virus pandemic. The government acts unpredictably by closing and opening businesses, announcing the number of covid cases every day since March last year, evokes fear and uncertainty which consequently lead to  actual economical complications.  What history has taught us though, is that every downturn is a phase, so who will prevail is who can do the best of the situation.

Now in Cyprus, legal firms, accounting firms and other business entities are working with 15 % of their personnel due to the latest regulations. The remaining 85 % works from home. The pandemic measures bring huge changes in other sectors. People’s computer skills are improving, they are becoming more internet literate, there are rapidly adapting to the new demands, businesses have speed up the modernization of their structures. Online applications, online transfers, online meetings, webinars, automated public services characterize our times.  

Cyprus has also established during 2020 the Deputy Ministry for Research, Innovation and Digital Policy which aims to lead the country through its digital transformation. Cyprus intends to utilize advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics and innovative wireless technologies in order to be a part of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).

The question is how will business be made once the pandemic is over? Will we go back to what we used to know or will this digital society still dominate?

As it has been proven, it is more than possible to do business in a digital way, but I believe that the motivating part is relatively eliminated in a fully digitized world. Socializing, new friendships, exchanging ideas over a coffee, traveling and learning through experience is an important factor in business that inspires you to perform and achieve higher goals. So let’s hope we can combine all the innovations with our socializing nature once the pandemic is over with a few as possible losses.

By: Helena Naaman

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