Digital Marketing Tips For Businesses

Digital Marketing Tips For Businesses

Course Description:
In this online course you will learn some essential digital marketing tips that will help you realize the potential of digital marketing. This is the first step to enter the digital marketing world and learn what you have to do in order to generate sales and leads.


By the end of the training you will be able:
• To understand the potential of digital marketing
• What the statistics shows concerning internet marketing and e-commerce.
• To understand the benefits of e-commerce
• What to be aware of when marketing online
• How you can get the “Digital Marketing and Sales” diploma


Useful Information:

Online Course On Demand: You can watch the videos whenever you want.

Training Time: 90 Minutes

Access to the online course: 90 days

Trainer: Adonis Anastasiou

Teaching Language: English

Certification of Attendance: Not available

Additional Support: In case you will need extra support you can buy one-to-one online coaching hours.

Investment Of Online Course:
Initial Cost: €50
Discount: €50
Payable Amount: €0

(The special offer is valid for a limited time and can change at any time)

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