Learn all about Cyprus Corporate Law

Learn all about Cyprus Corporate Law


If you are looking to gain a deep understanding of the Cyprus Companies Law and apply your new knowledge directly to your everyday legal work, the European Legal Training Centre (ELTC) has designed the ideal online course for you.

A practical, comprehensive course, that will cover everything related to Cyprus's Corporate Law, and will give you access to 100+ templates, ready to be used.

Course highlights:

  1. Expert guidance: Learn from experienced lawyer, Androulla Poutziouris, who brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights.
  2. Provision of templates: Participants will receive over 100 templates, providing practical tools for real-world application. These templates cover a wide range of legal documents, making your work more efficient and effective.
  3. Interactive online learning: The course is delivered online, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your home or office. This flexibility ensures you can balance your professional commitments while advancing your legal expertise.
  4. Funded: This course is partially funded by the HRDA. 

Why this seminar is important?

Corporate Law is one of the most sought specializations of law in Cyprus. The number of candidates who prefer to pursue corporate law (either as a lawyer or administrator) has seen unprecedented growth in the last few years.

This course is practical. The trainer will show you ‘How’ rather than just what and you will receive multiple templates and advice on the practical application of the law.

There are many benefits to studying a course regarding the practical application of the law.

It is an excellent addition to your CV - especially with so many employers requesting experience with the practical side of company law. A qualification like this will help to prove to a prospective employer that you will be able to hit the ground running!

Enroll today to secure your place. 

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