Offshore Business Services

offshore business services

What do we mean by Offshore services? Offshore service in general specifies the relocation partly or fully of a business entity from one country to another.  

The purpose behind relocating is more or less, to lower running costs, taxes and increase profitability. Cyprus service providers covers all aspects of law, accounting, banking and taxation matters that an entrepreneur need to know. Legal professionals can facilitate the implementation of a business project according to commercial needs. Their international capabilities are enhanced by the alliance with leading European law firms and legal networks across Europe, with whom they co-operate to implement major cross-border matters in regards to offshore services.

An offshore company in Cyprus can be established as:

  • limited liability
  • general or limited partnership
  • branch office
  • offshore banking unit,
  • offshore captive insurance company
  • offshore financial services company
  • shipping company.

The most common structure which is extensively used is the limited liability due to the several tax advantages and possibilities to use for numerous business purposes.

An offshore company can be established in one or more jurisdictions. Companies seeking to expand into a several countries noteworthy is the fact that Cyprus offers ultimate conditions to set up holding structures.

For trading companies Cyprus offer the low corporate tax of 12,5%, 0% dividend tax and low company management fees.

An Offshore Finance Company (OFC) can offer banking services to all kinds of corporations worldwide with very few limits. Services, including offshore company formations, offshore nominee services and virtual offices in Cyprus can easily be found in all 4 cities.

There are minimal taxes associated with registering an offshore company in Cyprus regardless of the type of service or the capacity of the business.

Corporate and other service providers in the island are characterized by high professional standards and has satisfied the needs of international clients and have successfully maximized their benefits over the years.


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