Cyprus Lawyer

A Cyprus Lawyer is both advocate and advisor. A Cyprus lawyer helps solve, or prevent, legal problems for others. For example, a Cyprus lawyer might:

  • Assist in drafting a will.
  • Help a merchant sue a customer for unpaid bills.
  • Advise someone who is seeking a divorce.
  • Prepare mortgages and other loan documents for a bank.
  • Research a tax law in international trade for a corporate executive.
  • Prosecute a defendant in a criminal trial.
  • Help an impoverished tenant with a landlord dispute.

A Cyprus lawyer, might serve as general counsel for a corporation. In Cyprus, a lawyer might choose to become a lawyer in a big firm.  Also a Cyprus lawyer might work for a legal services agency and help destitute families resolve their legal crises. Or as a tupical lawyer in Cyprus could become a prosecutor, public defender, county counsel or city attorney.


Popular Practices

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