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How well established are lawyers in Cyprus in the international market? How well exposed is a Cyprus law firm in the required audience? Are always the most qualified lawyers mostly promoted? Has promotion of Cyprus legal services to do with the size of a Cyprus law firm?

These are some questions that rose up after working with the Cyprus legal sector for 6 years. We have seen that the majority of firms that copes with corporate matters, tax law, business law, in despite of size seeks different methods to expose their qualifications and legal expertise.

The largest legal firms in Cyprus distributes evenly their budget among the different online directories, develop a well optimized website, invest time in their social media profiles and participates in several business conferences both in Cyprus and abroad.

Smaller Cyprus law firms advertise less but choose also online services to expose their legal services.
We can also see that small, medium size and large firms occupies Russian speaking personnel and have their website translated in to Russia. We can even see that Cyprus legal firms choose not to have their website in Greek. We interpret this that there is a wider interest to make business internationally than locally. Very often we also see that Cyprus law firms maintains offices in other countries

As Cyprus is a safe and attractive jurisdiction to make business and as Cyprus lawyers are well endorsed abroad we believe that they are well established in the international market.

However we cannot answer if the most qualified firms are the most promoted as we do not know the level of services of the non-promoted legal firms. What we believe that Cyprus law firms that do advertise abroad are confident in the value of services they offer.


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