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LawyersInCyprus is a legal portal providing a comprehensive list of law firms based in Cyprus and information and systematic updates in the field of law .

Lawyersincyprus.com is a project of Sedinvest Enterprises Ltd. It was created in October 2005 and it has been an evolving site ever since  Our mission is to promote and support the portal and its community on an ongoing basis at both national and international levels, both on and offline. Our promotions are aimed at creating an ethical and a responsible environment designed for firms with good legal reputation and principles.

We aggressively target important legal related keywords on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. We try to make it so that any potential client who may be searching to find a law firm in Cyprus cannot avoid our directory.

By providing fast, easy and accessible information regarding the lawyers’ experience, knowledge, practices and visions we facilitate the search of each individual around the world interested in Cyprus legal services. The public is able at any moment to find information, contact details and even send a request directly to the preferable lawyer.

We also provide a wide range of information relevant to legal themes. Each member can also announce their articles, news, legal jobs, seminars, interviews and other important information in the legal field in order to better engage with our audience. Our aim is to promote the legal sector of Cyprus around the world and strengthen it’s role in a global perspective.

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