Corona virus in strange epic times but that's just a phase!

Corona virus in strange epic times but that's just a phase!

A notice from the team of www.lawyersincyprus.com

Public health, as the most significant and supreme virtue must be protected at any cost and that’s a fact we all agree to so let’s make the best of the situation.

Take measures, protect ourselves, do all the stuff we didn’t have time to, spend quality time with family members, reorganize, reschedule and redefine our targets and goals.  Disinfect our business from possible threats but dare to invest in procedures and campaigns that will preserve our business as a competitive factor in the market and bring us success if not now surely long-term. Economy is definitely not a solid segment in life. The challenge is to have a compact fundamental base in order to keep alive while the downturn comes and prepared once the upturn comes.

The measures taken from the government will definitely affect everyone more or less, change our daily activities, duties and plans. Therefore, we would like to notify our subscribers that we are taking in to consideration this emergency situation we are all in and would like to provide payment facilities for every old or new member who needs it.

Good luck to everyone!

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