Collateral Damage: The Sacrifice of Human Rights and Democratic Values amidst the Palestinian Slaughter

Collateral Damage: The Sacrifice of Human Rights and Democratic Values amidst the Palestinian Slaughter

Do you support Hamas? Do you believe in Israel's right to self-defense? It is often claimed that Hamas is a terrorist organization involved in heinous acts such as beheading babies and using human shields.

However, many argue that these statements are part of Israel's propaganda to justify its actions against the Palestinian people. Politicians, journalists, and public figures in the Western world who do not accuse Israel of genocide often use these arguments without considering the humanitarian, political, and historical context.

Over the years, there have been numerous incidents that demonstrate Israel's intentions with its hate, war crimes, and oppression of Palestinians. These include expanding its territories, occupying the West Bank and Gaza, besieging the Palestinian enclave, oppressing innocent children, and committing acts of violence against mothers. Additionally, Israel has employed a high level of surveillance, restricting fuel, electricity, humanitarian aid, food, and water supply, and monitoring Palestinian funds.

This clearly shows the power dynamics between Israel and Palestine. While Israel claims its existence is threatened, it possesses one of the most advanced intelligence systems and largest armies in the world, along with an alliance with the world's top military power. The argument that a lion's life is threatened by a cat comes to mind.

To understand what truly happened on October 7th, it is crucial to examine all the available information. Contradictory reports have emerged regarding the event, with IDF soldiers claiming they were ordered to shoot anyone, even their own people. How did the Israeli forces not perceive the explosion at the border fence in time to prevent further attacks? The damage to houses in Kibbutz cannot be justified, considering the weapons possessed by Hamas and the use of tanks and helicopters by the IDF. Former IDF soldiers have stated that it would be impossible for a security person at the monitors responsible of the surveillance of the borders not to notice anything. While Hamas wanted to take hostages for prisoner exchanges, the question remains about who escalated the attack and how many Israeli civilians were killed by the IDF? Hamas requested an impartial investigation by third parties, which Israel refused.

Another concerning issue is Prime Minister Netanyahu's public statement that supporting Hamas is a means to prevent the declaration of a free Palestinian state, suggesting that Israel indirectly endorses Hamas as part of its strategy. Why have all hospitals in the West Bank become targets? Why does the mainstream media spread information from Israel without fact-checking, such as claims of beheading babies and hospitals used as human shields in Gaza? What is the connection between Hamas and the West Bank, which has also been subjected to bombings? Why are journalists working in Gaza, the West Bank, and Lebanon being targeted and killed? Many more valid questions can be asked, but the focus seems to be limited to the two mentioned in the first paragraph.

Countries like the US, UK, Germany, and Japan have been quick to act without requiring evidence when unchecked information comes from Israel. For example, they immediately restricted funding to the UNHCR when Israel claimed its members were involved in the Al-Aqsa Operation on October 7th, 2023. As a result, the only organization capable of providing essential supplies like food, medicine, and water to Gaza is now unable to do so, leading to starvation and death of the entire population. Even if the claims were true, should the fate of two million people be decided by 15 individuals?

It is important to remember a few events leading up to October 7th. In 2008-2009, Operation Cast Led resulted in the deaths of 1,400 Palestinians, including 350 children. In 2012, Operation Pillar of Defense killed 130 civilians, including 32 children. In 2014, Operation Protective Edge claimed the lives of 550 children. Prior to the attack, approximately 5,200 Palestinians, including young girls and boys, were imprisoned without charges.

Today, we witness a clear disregard for human rights, hypocrisy at its pinnacle, and a lack of solidarity, compassion, and unity in the face of injustice. International organizations lack real authority, mass media lacks credibility, and politics operate without values and principles, reducing it to a transparent power game.

Alongside the slaughter of Palestinians, democracy and values are also being sacrificed as the Western World crumbles.

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