Greece Golden Visa Program with H. Priority Trust Services

Greece Golden Visa Program with H. Priority Trust Services

By: H. Priority Trust Services

The Golden Visa in Greece gives non-EU citizens the unique opportunity to gain access to permanent residency status in Greece within just 3 months (in some areas it takes less time) with a real estate investment of just € 250,000. 

It is the most competitive permanent residency scheme in Europe. In an increasingly globalized world, freedom of movement is becoming a strong desire, if not a necessity, for many people.

The Golden Visa In Greece applies to the investor, their spouse, unmarried dependent children up to age 24, and the dependent parents of both spouses. The permit is permanent as long as the buyer keeps possession and is renewed every 5 years by presenting to the authority the title deed of the property. Obtaining permanent residency and eventually, EU citizenship offers a legacy to your and later your children's families.

Handling the increasing load of business matters entails frequent travel, The Greek Golden Visa allows its holders to forget about the time and energy spent on visa acquisition with their visa-free access to all the Schengen Area countries.

Besides being one of the most cost-effective programs for a Golden Visa in Europe, Golden Visa in Greece provides to any natural person and their core family members the unique opportunity to freely reside and move within the EU. Thus, they have access to a wealth of benefits, such as high-quality education, a healthcare system that is centered around people, many options of insurance policies for pensions, and other supporting programs.

Summary of the program

  • Non-EU citizens are eligible (residence permit can be renewed every five (5) years insofar the property remains in the ownership of the applicant)
  • Residence permit is granted ( minimum investment of property more than 250.000 €)


  • Live in Greece and move freely throughout the EU 
  • Security of the EU environment 
  • Process can be carried out remotely through a proxy 
  • Invest in an appreciating market

Have you decided to take the big step and make your dream come true? 

We at H. Priority Trust Services, with our extensive listings of properties for sale all over Greece, and our amazing team of experts and specialized associates, make sure that stress has no place in the process.

But even if you are mid-way there and you have already acquired a property, get in touch with us and we will guide you through your Golden Visa application with absolute care and a big smile.

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