H. PRIORITY TRUST SERVICES: Cyprus Company Formation

H. PRIORITY TRUST SERVICES: Cyprus Company Formation

Our team in H. Priority Trust Services Ltd is led by professionals who have vast experience with consultancy for businesses in various industries and sectors. In order to help companies that are new to the market of Cyprus.

We have developed a wide range of services, covering the go-to-market research, tailored incorporation and necessary administrative support for the launch of a business, and a full package of accounting, tax, payroll outsourcing, and consultancy services to keep all operations smooth and compliant with local regulations.

Why Form a Cyprus Company? 

  • Business-wise, there are very many things going right for Cyprus, and this is why it is such a popular destination for corporate entities seeking overseas presence. The country not only boasts of the lowest tax rates(12.5%) in the European Union trading block but also it has one of the lowest VAT(19%) in the region.
  • There are no withholding tax on dividends and the fact that the country has a network of double taxation treaties also makes it an appealing destination to entities that don’t want to surrender a huge chunk of their earnings to taxes.
  • Additionally, special EU directives and EU VAT registration is available in Cyprus, and it is also one of the few countries where businesses are at liberty to experience true freedom in the sense that they can operate the way they want, provided that they remain within the confines of the law.

Business Entities in Cyprus 

If you are interested in registering a business, or Cyprus company formation, here are your options:

  1. Limited Liability Company 
    In Cyprus, a limited liability company is also known as an LTD. It can either be private or public based on its size and the types of shares. Regarding share capital, a private limited liability company does not focus on the amount of money the company has. For public companies, the company must have at least 25,650 euros for it to be registered.
  2. Branch and Representative Offices
    Foreign companies may establish a branch or representative offices as extensions of their parent corporate entities in Cyprus. A branch office may carry out profit-generating activities. It is also subject to all the tax laws and regulations in Cyprus. A representative office, on the other hand, may not conduct any profit-generating activity. As a result, they are restricted to only non-sales activities such as advertisements, product research, and development amongst the others.
  3. Partnerships
    There are mainly two types of partnerships in Cyprus – limited partnership and general partnership. Partnerships are not separate business entities from their owners. For registration purposes, both types must have a minimum of two and a maximum of 20 partners.
  4. Sole Proprietorship
    A sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business available to those who want to start a business in Cyprus. The company incorporation process is simple, it doesn’t have share capital requirements. In fact, you can just start as an individual.

Take the advantage of having a highly experienced local team of legal and corporate services consultants at hand and shift the focus to growing your business opportunities. Our services at H. Priority Trust Services Ltd can cover:

  • Market research, analysis of risks and provision of solution-defining consultancy 
  • Consultancy regarding legal frameworks and local compliance risk exposure 
  • Support by evaluation of the start-up costs 
  • Company establishment and registration in Cyprus 
  • Corporate and administrative services for a company that is new to the market 
  • Consultancy on the operational structure 
  • Research and definition of potential incentives and statutory framework 
  • Due diligence on acquisitions and mergers, other transaction
  • Incorporation, corporate and secretarial support

Establishing, developing and maintaining a business, especially on an international level, may require a lot of time and effort due to local bureaucracy and the complex, ever-changing legislative frameworks - a practice quite common everywhere in the world. We are ready to provide all the required support starting from the incorporation of your business in Cyprus and during its entire life cycle – allowing you to focus on business opportunities and growth instead.

We provide you with effective campaigns and concrete result.


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