Michalis Vorkas elected President of the Cyprus Bar Association

Michalis Vorkas elected President of the Cyprus Bar Association

The Cyprus Bar Association (CBA) has elected Michalis Vorkas as its new President, along with four new Council of CBA members.

In a vote that took place on 18 October, Vorkas gathered 1,841 of the votes, leaving his rival – and incumbent CBA president – Christos Clerides trailing behind with 604 votes. There were also 21 blank and 11 void votes. Island-wide, 2,477 CBA members voted. 

The new Council of CBA members are:

  • Hera Ioannou Emilianides with 1,376 votes
  • Nicolas Tsardellis with 1214 votes 
  • Avgerinos Hartsiotis with 1093 votes 
  • Michalis Philippou with 918 votes 

Insiders have told InBusinessNews that a huge defining factor leading up to the election was the two candidates’ stance on the international sanctions that were imposed by the US and UK against individuals they said assisted Russian nationals.

Clerides came under fire by a number of his colleagues when he publicly stated that the country was not legally obliged to implement the sanctions, as opposed to Vorkas who said they needed to be implemented to the last letter.

Addressing a general assembly ahead of the vote, Vorkas said: “The aim is to upgrade justice in Cyprus even further, the legal practice, and provide all lawyers with what they truly deserve.”

(Source: InBusinessNews)

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