South Africa: a country in pain but at the same time so revolutionary.

South Africa: a country in pain but at the same time so revolutionary.

By: Abdallah Attari, Ambassador | Embassy of the State of Palestine to the Republic of Cyprus

When in the middle of the 20th century racial segregation and inequality were institutionalized in law, then the long and bloody resistance of South Africans against the "right of the strong", confiscation, statelessness and the Apartheid regime began.

Nelson Mandela's assertiveness played a key role in the independence of South Africa's indigenous peoples. He became a symbol of the struggles of the whole world and justice.

From then, to today, South Africa teaches lessons in morality and justice to the "civilized" Western world. Despite our unceasing struggles, the fortitude and resilience of the Palestinian people, after 76 years of oppression and 98 days of genocide, we feel helpless in the face of the genocide that the Apartheid State of Israel is perpetrating against us while it is enjoying the immunity by the hypocrisy of world’s superpowers. We feel that we live in a world where values, ethics and justice have collapsed.

This is where South Africa stands up for the Palestinian people and holds the occupying state of Israel accountable at the International Court of Justice. This is a historic event in the process of the joint struggle of Palestinians and South Africans against the injustice and genocide to which our people are subjected. Although the decisions of the International Court of Justice are not binding, we, the Palestinians, are sure that Israel's position on the international stage has been affected and will never be the same again, regardless of the outcome of the hearings.

Nelson Mandela and our late leader, Yasser Arafat, taught the fortitude of peoples fighting for justice. Now, the International Community should not allow the Palestinian blood throughout Palestine to go to waste. Unfortunately for humanity, if this happens it means that no people in the world will have asylum.

The world has now awakened and is ready to proceed on the path opened by South Africa to save the soul of humanity. Our people in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza are being slaughtered daily by the occupying forces of the apartheid state of Israel, it is time to confront Israel for what it really is: An occupying and oppressive force with an expansionist policy that exercises the system of Apartheid against the Palestinian people.

We, the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Cyprus, repeat our appeal to all countries, following the principles of international law, to support South Africa and its effort before the International Court of Justice. We ask for the support of all free people in the world who respect the values of justice, freedom and morality in this effort that South Africa is conducting for the benefit of the Palestinians. Let’s prevent the hypocrisy and indifference of the Western superpowers from destroying our people. Today we, the Palestinians, are the target, tomorrow it may be you.

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