Temporary Residence Permit in Cyprus: From Visitors to Residents

Temporary Residence Permit in Cyprus: From Visitors to Residents

What is a Temporary Residence Permit?

A Temporary Residence Permit, otherwise known as ‘Pink Slip’, enables third-country nationals to legally reside in Cyprus longer than the period of three months (90 days) that their visa provides for. The most common type of temporary residence permit is the Visitor Residence permit (‘VIS’ form) which enables third-country nationals to legally reside in Cyprus as visitors.


When do i have to apply for my Temporary Residence Permit?

The application for Visitor Residence Permit is submitted following the applicant’s arrival in the Republic of Cyprus and before their visa expires. It is noted that the same application may also include the registration of the third-country national in the Registry of Aliens, that is a requirement for every third-country national who intends to reside in Cyprus. This means that after the examination of the application, and given that the applicant meets certain criteria, they will receive both their temporary residence card and an Alien Registration Certificate, without having to make two different applications.


What are the benefits of the Visitor Residence Permit and are there any restrictions?

The main benefit of this residence permit is that it enables the third-country national to reside in Cyprus no matter how long their visa was initially issued for. Another significant advantage of this type of residence permit is that the family members of the applicant are eligible to apply (with separate applications) for the visitor residence permit as dependants of the applicant.

It is emphasized that the visitor residence permit does not provide the third-country national with the right to work in Cyprus. In fact, the applicant is required to prove that their resources derive from abroad, as it is explained in detail below. Moreover, upon success of the application, the third-country national cannot stay out of Cyprus for more than three months continuously as this would lead to the automatic cancellation of the permit. In addition, this residence permit is renewable on an annual basis up to 4 years.


What documents do i need?

The necessary supporting documentation that needs to accompany the application includes:

  1. Copy of valid passport with validity of at least 3 months from the date of the submission of the application.
  2. Copy of the passport page that indicates the last arrival in the Republic and the relevant visa.
  3. Original Clear Criminal Record Certificate from the country of origin/residence, duly certified and translated in Greek or English.
  4. Original Medical Examination certificate of blood tests, proving that the applicant does not suffer from Hepatitis B, and C, HIV, syphilis, and a chest x-ray for tuberculosis.
  5. Original letter of a banking institution in the Republic of Cyprus, with a duration of 10 years to cover possible repatriation expenses in the name of the applicant from his/her own bank account.
  6. Certificate of Health Insurance.
  7. Title deed/purchase document deposited in the Land Registry/accommodation rental agreement/ host declaration, duly certified.
  8. Evidence of sufficient and stable resources that derives from abroad (e.g. salary, pension, deposits in a bank account abroad, rents, dividends etc)
  9. Detailed statement of bank account transactions in a financial institution in Cyprus from the date of opening the account (in case of a first permit), showing the foreign remittances in the name of the applicant which in total should not be less that EUR 2000 per month or EUR 24,000 per year for one pension. This amount increases by 20% for the spouse and 15% for each child. For the first permit, a cash transfer or deposit of at least EUR 10,000 is also accepted.
  10. Original Marriage Certificate duly certified and translated in Greek or English (when applicable).
  11. Original birth certificate of children duly certified and translated in Greek or English (where applicable).
  12. Copy of proof of attendance or enrolment in an educational institution in the Republic (only applicable to students).


What happens on the day of the submission of my application and what are the submission fees?

In order to submit the application, the applicant needs to go to the central offices of the Migration Department in Nicosia, if they are residents of Nicosia. If the applicant resides in another city, then the application is submitted with the Immigration Unit of the city they reside in and is then transferred to the Migration Department for examination. Upon submission of the application, the fees of EUR 70 are submitted for the issuance of the residence permit, and the amount of EUR 70 is paid for the registration in the Aliens Register. After payment of the aforementioned fees, a photo of the applicant is captured, as well as their fingertips and signature.


What is the estimated processing time for my application?

The examination of this application is usually completed within 4 months.


What is the duration of the Residence Card and how to renew it?

The Visitor Residence card is valid for one year. This permit can be renewed by submitting the ‘VIS’ form again before the expiration of the acquired residence card.


Services of our Law Firm

Our Cyprus lawyers are able to provide you with support and guidance throughout the entire process of applying for temporary residence permit. Our team will offer advice and guidance on the required documents and the method of certification, prepare all the necessary forms, assist with the opening of a bank account in Cyprus, accompany you on the day of submission, and liaise with the Migration Department after the submission of your application in order to follow up the application process.

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