English Contract Drafting Skills

English Contract Drafting Skills

By: The European Legal Training Center

This is an online seminar, funded by the HRDA and offers verified 14 CPD points by the Cyprus Bar Association.


The seminar is accredited by the Cambridge Law Studio. Cambridge Law Studio was established in 1999 and is the UK’s leading legal English training provider. They were proud to be the hosts of the innovative Legal English Event at the Law Society of England and Wales in London, which brought together contract drafting experts, AI in law experts and teachers of English for law for the very first time. They are accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges. by completing this course you will receive a certificate from Cambridge Law Studio in the UK.

Aims of the seminar:

  1. Clearly describe the basic clauses of a contract.
  2. Describe the necessary conditions of a trade agreement.
  3. To develop skills regarding the standard structure of commercial contracts and the basic terms.
  4. To develop skills regarding the drafting of compensation clauses.
  5. To develop skills related to the interpretation and writing of boilerplate clauses.
  6. To develop skills regarding the handling of termination, breach and compensation clauses of an agreement.
  7. To develop skills regarding the use of correct legal vocabulary.
  8. Implement various dispute management strategies in trade agreements.
  9. To develop skills for the proper drafting of a customer protection agreement.
  10. Apply the techniques of drafting an agreement with ‘plain legal English’.
  11. To develop skills related to the drafting of trade agreement terms (termination clauses, renewal, breach, compensation and other agreement termination clauses and risk mitigation).

Why this seminar is important for you?

  1. You will improve and hone your skills in drafting legal documents and contracts in English to better protect your clients and produce effective work.
  2. It will enhance your understanding of the overall structure, the purpose of the key provisions of the contract and the effect that amendments can have.
  3. The course will be interactive, based on realistic case studies and incorporating specific drafting suggestions and precedents.
  4. The course also encourages you to develop your drafting skills in context, to enable you to confidently produce more effective and robust contracts for your clients.
  5. The seminar teaches the basic skills of writing clear documents and conventions, explaining essential legal vocabulary and phrases, including Latin and Old Norman French. Delegates will be given various sample contracts and specimen clauses.
  6. This seminar is practical and is taught by highly experienced lawyer experts in contract law.


  • 15/05/23
  • 22/05/23
  • 29/05/23
  • 12/06/23
  • 19/06/23
  • 26/06/23
  • 03/07/23
  • 10/07/23


17:00 - 19:00

This course is suitable for: 

  • Lawyers
  • Advocates
  • Legal advisors


Online Live via Zoom


- If you are eligible for HRDA funding: Your employer only pays €200 + VAT on the full amount.

- 30% discount for employees who do not qualify for funding with the HRDA.

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