Online course: English Contract Drafting Skills

Online course: English Contract Drafting Skills

By: The European Legal Training Center

The European Legal Training Centre, is pleased to offer this online seminar on Contract Drafting Skills, funded by the HRDA and offering 14 CPD points by the Cyprus Bar Association.  

The seminar aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of contract clauses, trade agreements, and commercial contract structures. Key objectives include clearly explaining basic contract clauses, outlining essential conditions for trade agreements, and honing skills in drafting compensation clauses, boilerplate clauses, and termination clauses. Additionally, participants will learn to interpret and write agreements using correct legal terminology, implement dispute management strategies, and draft customer protection agreements effectively. Special emphasis is placed on utilizing 'plain legal English' and mastering the drafting of trade agreement terms such as termination, renewal, breach, compensation, and risk mitigation clauses. Through these objectives, attendees will develop a well-rounded skill set necessary for navigating complex legal landscapes in commercial transactions.  

This seminar holds significant importance for participants as it offers them the opportunity to refine and elevate their proficiency in drafting legal documents and contracts in English, ultimately fortifying their ability to safeguard clients' interests and deliver impactful work. By delving into the overall structure and key provisions of contracts, attendees gain a deeper understanding of their purpose and the potential ramifications of amendments, fostering a more strategic approach to drafting. Through interactive sessions, bolstered by realistic case studies and tailored drafting suggestions and precedents, participants are empowered to cultivate their drafting skills within a contextual framework, thereby enabling them to confidently produce more robust contracts for their clients. Moreover, the seminar equips participants with fundamental skills in crafting clear documents, essential legal vocabulary and phrases, and provides them with various sample contracts and specimen clauses for practical application. 

Taught by experienced lawyer Androulla Poutziouris, this seminar ensures a hands-on, pragmatic learning experience, making it an invaluable opportunity for professionals seeking to enhance their proficiency in contract drafting and elevate their professional capabilities.

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