Alex Danos -The person behind the professional suit

Alex Danos -The person behind the professional suit

Beyond the legal expertise, know-how and experience, it is just as important to get to know your legal service provider from a more personal perspective. Here come 10 more insightful personal questions to the lawyer, Alex Danos from the legal firm Danos and Associates based in Nicosia. Our purpose is to reveal the person behind the legal professional suit.

1. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
I am focused, reliable and cheerful. I am focused – I am mindful and focused on whatever it is I am doing at the moment whether that is work, exercise or spending time with my family. I am reliable as I always keep my promises and complete the tasks I undertook to complete. I am cheerful as I always try to look at the bright side of life, to have a positive energy, smile and joke.

2. The legal profession has over time been considered as an attractive profession? Why did you choose to study law? Did your father’s involvement in the legal field play any role?
I have chosen to study law as it suits my character. I always had good analytical skills, memory and strong logic. My father being a lawyer certainly played a role as I was exposed to this profession from a young age.

3. Tell us about your first steps in your career, what was the main challenges you faced as a young graduate?
As a young graduate I came to realize that not everything is rosy in this profession. I realized that our judicial system was too slow and that public services are often less efficient than they should be. Things have changed for the better since 2004 when I started as a trainee lawyer but there are still significant improvements that need to take place.

4. When did you decide to establish your own legal firm and what was your motive in order to distinguish in the competitive legal market?
A few years post-qualification I decided to set up my own firm in order to attract the clientele I was seeking to attract and to take my own journey in this profession. My motive was to offer honest and professional services. I wanted to offer clients attention to detail, transparency, honesty and proper communication.

5. Can you define the most attention-grabbing conflict you have faced at work and how you handled it?
I generally handle situations no matter how difficult with a calm mind. However, there was an incident where I had to ask a rather rude lawyer to leave my office. I am a very patient man, but patience has its limits.

6. How do you combine your role as a father, husband and lawyer in the same time?
It is often difficult to juggle everything. It can be challenging to strike a perfect balance, but I think I am doing well.

7. Cyprus has faced many challenges over the years do you believe the pandemic and its consequences is the biggest challenge? How have you experienced these unprecedented times?
On a personal level, the pandemic has been tiring and I am sure this applies to everyone. From a business point of view, our turnover has been significantly reduced because of the pandemic.

8. How has the abolition of the previous Cyprus Investment Program in October of 2020 affected generally the interest of foreigners to invest in Cyprus according to your experiences?
The abolition of the program happened during the pandemic which made things difficult for investors in any case. However, there is no doubt that some investors where mainly interested in obtaining the citizenship and will no longer have an interest to invest in Cyprus. Others invest in Cyprus for different reasons, and we still have an active and popular Permanent Residency Program. Cyprus continues and will continue to attract investors due to our pro-business mentality, our infrastructure, high quality service providers and the natural beauties of the island. The abolition of the Cyprus Investment Program was a blow to the economy, but I am sure growth will continue and investments will keep coming to Cyprus.

9. Cyprus lawyers have learned to overcome any economic downturn, advising and dealing especially in certain legal fields relevant to the demands of each time. We see that areas of practices such as corporate and banking law, real estate and immigration law has been very popular in the past. What do you believe will be the most popular area of legal practice tomorrow based on the needs of our future society?
Corporate remains popular in Cyprus but is nowhere near where it used to be, and it is bound to further decline given international trends. Same goes for Immigration programs. Real Estate I believe will remain strong for an island such as Cyprus and given what it has to offer. What will remain strong always is Litigation as people will always need lawyers and Courts to resolve disputes. Litigation is not so tied up to international trends that come and go.

10. What are your personal and business goals for the near future?
My goal on a personal level is to be healthy and happy. On a business level I want to continue having satisfied clients and offer the best possible legal services.

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