Interview regarding marketing, directory management and SEO

Interview regarding marketing, directory management and SEO

Helena Naaman speaks about directory management, SEO and marketing for legal, accounting and other financial providers in Cyprus at Taxlinked

Taxlinked (TL): What are the main challenges of directory management?

Helena Naaman (HN): Managing a directory is an exciting business as maintaining an online database with legal and accounting professionals, assisting them in presenting their work and with their visibility online requires to be continuously coordinated with the online updates.

Google is constantly updating its algorithm, the pigeon update followed earlier updates and the peguin came after only to be followed by the well-known panda update. The hummingbird update is a new search platform Google uses from 2013. This platform is a more complex algorithm in order to provide the most relevant pages for the searchers. This update emphasizes more on the whole search query which means that google takes in consideration the whole sentence rather than particular words. The aim is that pages matching the meaning gets better rankings than pages matching just a few words. Over the time many updates are launched such as the "mobile friendly" update, where Google benefits mobile-friendly sites on mobile search. Our portals www.lawyersincyprus.com & www.accountantsincyprus.com are attracting clients

from all over the world for over 10 years now and trying to adapt to the latest updates in order to get the best possible rankings on business legal and accounting related keywords so that we can provide the best possible exposure for our subscribers. In order to keep in line with all these updates requires to constantly follow the latest developments in this sector and adapt accordingly which is a challenge we love to deal with. Recently we have also developed the Maltese portal www.lawyersinmalta.com which aims to support the legal sector of Malta with it marketing needs.


(TL)What would you recommend to financial and legal services providers when it comes to improving their website’s SEO? Would the same apply to articles they have penned or a blog they update on a weekly basis?

(HN)Firstly, it is of crucial importance to maintain a website once working in the legal or accounting field and aiming to provide services globally. What we would recommend lawyers, accountants and other financial providers is to emphasize on their website content. To constantly update their websites with relevant content related to their field of expertise is the best way to attract visitors that are interested in acquiring their services. Being present in various high quality websites gives you also significant backlinks which google and other search engines values and gives a boost to their rankings on related keywords.


(TL)Competition in the financial and legal services is fierce here in Cyprus. Based on your experience, what marketing tricks have worked best in attracting business or generating brand awareness?


(HN) Either it concerns a law firm, accounting, audit, financial or other consulting firm the competition is exceptionally high having in mind the local population of Cyprus. However, since these professions are not limited to provide services to the Cyprus market but internationally then the high number of legal and other financial providers in the island is surely justified and the existing competition is therefore healthy and dynamic. Such competition leads to progress, highly skilled labor with great know-how and competence. Firms aiming to provide high level of services are in the end prospering. As people are not particularly emotionally involved with their business consultants, lawyers or accountants they are more keen to replace them if they are not satisfied with their services.

So what are those tricks that leads some firms to the top. Personally I believe that brand awareness is a major factor in order to receive at least enquiries from potential clients. People tends to search nowadays before they will trust someone for their business or personal needs. Therefore, a firm that is easy to find, provides comprehensive content of their business, services, goals and achievements, is transparent with their charges, others are referring the firm or links to the firm, is present online and offline with various ways is most likely the firm that will be chosen among many others. A website with clear structure and navigation is definitely a tempting showcase you just want to visit.

Once the client decides finally to contact the firm either by sending an enquiry or calling, the first impression plays then a decisive role so no matter how good you promote your services and expertise, your professional manners gets the client. Once you get the client your customer service and genuine interest in the clients’ needs during the whole period of your cooperation is guaranteeing if you will keep him or not.


(TL) How does marketing in the legal and financial service sector differ from those in others? Any specific things financial and legal service providers should keep in mind when developing a marketing strategy?

(HN)Legal or Financial Service providers in Cyprus are having a more international approach, attracting business people from various jurisdictions. Their marketing strategy is therefore more global and differs from businesses providing services locally. It is also important to bear in mind that various service providers are promoting highly professional services and should therefore use a discreet marketing strategy exposing more their expertise, know-how and experiences in a subtle way rather that yelling out who they are and how great they are.


(TL) Anything else you would like to share with Taxlinked Community

(HN)After the coordinated actions that has been taken from various authorities and organizations due to the recession of 2013 we have seen an increased online interest on several keywords such as, buy property in Cyprus, Cyprus visa, Cyprus citizenship by investment, Cyprus tax planning and other related keywords. Our website visitors have therefore increased and the number of business enquiries received as well. Finally, we would like to say that analyzing the keywords frequency tells us a lot of the international interest in Cyprus business services and that is what should settle the course of various service provider’s marketing campaign.

Questions by Mateo Jarrin at Cuvi at TaxLinked

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