Business Crisis Management Service (BCMS)

Business Crisis Management Service (BCMS)

Chambersfield Economides Kranos foresees, acknowledges, evaluates and acts upon drastic crisis moments in Global and National economies.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the devastating effects on health and businesses, at personal/health as well as financial aspect, we have set up a team of experts, by which we have established and started the provisioning of the Business Crisis Management Service (BCMS) for all of our clients around the world.

Their expert team provides the Business Crisis Management Service (BCMS) to all businesses that have been financially and otherwise affected by COVID-19.

The scope of the firm will be to assess the possible impact of risks on businesses and identify and implement methods and policies to minimize such impact by setting up the emergency and business continuity plans.

The purpose will be to assist business to ensure the continuity of business and operation since this is a critical component.

The ideology and methodology will be to implement such plans and strategies during the crisis and post crisis in order to minimize possible consequences.

We have incorporated digital solutions that we can assist all of our clients remotely from our secured/isolated/sterilized offices.

We are actively and readily available with specific management plans (legal, corporate, tax, financial, business) to evaluate and propose drastic solutions to our clients in the following categories:

a.  Immediate structuring or restructuring of operations and business flows.

b.  Potential of remote / digital operations.

c.  Business Continuation solutions and plans.

d.  Legal conformities and compliance with Government Orders.

e.  Employment issues.

f.  Commercial agreement options; defaults and compliance.

g.  Tenancy Issues.

h.  Tax compliance.

i.  Corporate compliance.

j.  General business, legal, tax and financial advise.

k.  Support, consultation and execution of legal and regulatory claims and proceedings

l.  Implement and manage Anti-fraud programs and controls.

m.  Risk assessment and planning

n.  Ongoing support and/or consultation in order to ensure compliance with financial and operational obligations.

o.  Reputational fallout – advice/consultation

p.  Client relationship management advise.

q.  Identify opportunities in crisis.

By implementing the above strategies and measures, Chambersfield Economides Kranos  will be able to guide affected business through the crisis and minimize risks and exposure.

Our strong advise is that businesses should take immediate effective measures and implementation strategies at early stage in order to avoid severe negative consequences.

For further information you may contact our firm directly to discuss the needs of your business.


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