CMMI Signs MoU with Cyprus and French Companies: A New Era of Collaboration"

CMMI Signs MoU with Cyprus and French Companies: A New Era of Collaboration"

Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute, SignalGeneriX Ltd, and French Companies ARKEOCEAN and LANEGO Sign Memorandum of Understanding

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI), the leading Cypriot company in electronics development, SignalGeneriX Ltd, and French companies ARKEOCEAN and LANEGO have joined forces to strengthen their proficiency and share knowledge in the marine and maritime sectors. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on May 14th in Larnaca, marking a significant step towards collaboration in research and innovation.

The MoU aims to establish cooperation in marine and maritime research and innovation, with the ultimate goal of developing new innovative products. The parties will work together on projects of mutual interest, focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as marine robotics, swarm systems, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), underwater sensing, communications, and big data processing.

The partnership will enable the development of innovative solutions for various use cases, including monitoring marine traffic, underwater communications, critical infrastructure protection, and monitoring of marine protected areas. The collaboration will also contribute to research and innovation in the marine and maritime industry, tackling important areas such as underwater infrastructure monitoring, data collection, processing, and communication.

Furthermore, the MoU strengthens bilateral relations between France and Cyprus, reaffirming their commitment to facilitating research exchanges and collaboration in marine and maritime science and technology.

The signing of the MoU marks a promising future for research and innovation in areas of paramount importance, including underwater infrastructure monitoring, environmental monitoring, artificial coral reefs, maritime health, aquaculture growth, and underwater cultural heritage.

Source: CNA                       

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