iJustice – Transition of the Cyprus legal system to the Digital Age

iJustice – Transition of the Cyprus legal system to the Digital Age

With the implementation of the electronic registration system (iJustice) Cyprus is one step closer to the goal of the full transition of the legal sector to the digital age.

The electronic registration system (iJustice) has been fully implemented as from February 1, 2022, an important step in the quality upgrade of the Cyprus’ justice system. iJustice is expected to contribute significantly to the provision of more efficient and effective legal services both to officials and professionals in the legal field and to the society at large.

All new cases will from now on exclusively be registered electronically, without physical presence, with the exception of cases of the Administrative Court of International Protection, the Courts of Criminal Jurisdiction, including the Criminal Court, the Military Court and the Supreme Court.

For clarifications regarding cases that have already been registered within December 2021 and January 2022, you can consult the relevant announcement of the Supreme Court.

The full implementation of the system was preceded by thorough training and a sufficient period for the users to get familiar with the system. A productive dialogue and consultation with all partners involved has been made. Proposals necessary for the expansion and optimization of the functionalities were recorded and implemented in order to ensure the maximum possible benefit from its use.

It is noted, finally, that for the smooth operation of the system, the Cyprus Bar Association with the support of the Ministry, has organized training points at the local bar associations, so that any difficulties of technical nature can be resolved immediately and effectively.

For further convenience for the users of the system, relevant educational material has been created in video form, as well as a detailed user manual.

At the same time, users are invited to continue to submit their suggestions, to implement interventions for continuous improvement of the functionality and efficiency of the system.

It is reminded that condition for access and use of the system is the registration in the portal of the Government Internet Security Pass "ARIADNE". The State Department, the Supreme Court and the President of the Bar association express their full satisfaction with the outcome of the long and intensive efforts for the development and full implementation of iJustice and assure that they will continue their close and constructive cooperation for achieving the common goal of the full transition of the justice sector to the digital age.

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