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Lawyers in Cyprus sustain a vast entity of professionals of very high principles and values.

Cyprus lawyers have been structured into a professional body before Cyprus dependency at 1960.

A large number of Cyprus lawyers maintain their own legal firm and others works as employees in the existing firms or offer their legal services at the state and other authorities. There are some very big law offices in Cyprus, specializing in all branches of the law.

The Cyprus Bar Association, issues Cyprus lawyer’s yearly licenses and exercises the disciplinary control over them.  Disciplinary regulations are of high standard so that all clients are protected and feel safe.

In Cyprus, lawyers before they are permitted to practice their profession, they are obliged to complete exams set by the Cyprus Bar Association and also fulfill one year of training at a law firm.

The major legislation which regulates the Legal Profession in Cyprus is the Advocates Law CAP 2, of 1955. The legislation provides regulations and guidelines for matters such as the admittance of new lawyers, various regulatory matters, and disciplinary provisions.

Cyprus Judges are selected by the Supreme Court after meeting the criteria of 5 years of experience as a practicing lawyer and being characterized with high sense of justice.

Cyprus Courts are well organized and exists in every district for civil, criminal, divorce, military and rent control matters, all of them staffed with highly efficient and highly trained judges.

An appeal by Cyprus lawyers lies at the Supreme Court of Cyprus, which is situated in Nicosia.

Noteworthy is also the fact that lawyers in Cyprus have lately been permitted to register their firm as a Limited Liability Company by law. This made the firms liable to 10% corporate tax instead of up to 30% of income tax.

Cyprus Lawyers are qualified in all major areas of practice, from EU legislation, civil cases of debt to injury cases, divorce and family matters, patents, shipping and maritime Law, tax planning, offshore business etc.


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