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Cyprus has become an international and European business centre. As a full member of the E.U. since 1st May 2004 Cyprus has already established international financial centre. The island has become the ultimate place for incorporating a company within European Union.

Beyond that, Cyprus has ratified a large number of double tax treaties with a huge quantity of countries, for the avoidance of double taxation. Due to the widespread double tax treaty network system, Cyprus is an perfect location for investments to and from central and eastern Europe and for investments to and from the E.U.

In the E.U Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates systems which offer a tax regime of 10% tax. Cyprus upholds an exceptional legal and economic infrastructure where accountants, banks, tax authorities, hotels etc, have the maximum professional standards.

The above mentioned are a few reasons why many business people around the world choose Cyprus as their base for their business activities.

Making a permanent move overseas can be a tough decision. It is easy to push financial matters aside. The problem is that time can pass by very fast and this is one point in your life when doing nothing leaves your capital and income open to important risks.

It is not tax or risk free to leave cash on deposit! Not covering your wealth up in appropriate legal structures will mean that you and your family will pay more tax than needed, both during and after your lifetime. Inflation will show off the spending power of your income and capital, as will unfavorable movements in currency exchange rates. Taxation and inflation are the two biggest threats to one's wealth. Taking advice and guidance from specialists will help protect your capital. Consulting with a financial adviser with the appropriate knowledge and expertise is important.

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